Yesterday we had a Celebration of Life for Bubby, who started the family-run daycare our children attend. Bubby is nearing the end of her life here on earth, and one of her requests was to hold a celebration of life for her so she could say goodbye to all her loved ones.

During the service, I was crying near the back of the crowd. Button saw me and came over. “Mama? Why are you crying?”

I whispered back to her, “I’m crying because Bubby is going to be leaving soon to go see Jesus. She’s going to see Jesus, but I’m really going to miss her.”

In her full voice, Button said, “Why is Bubby leaving to go see Jesus, Mama?”

Whispering, I said, “Well… [think fast, mom!] Because all of us reach a time where we will pass on, and Bubby’s time is coming soon.”

Again, in the fullness that is her outdoors voice, she said, “No, Mama. That’s not why. Bubby is going to see Jesus because Jesus is going to HEAL HER!!!”

I laughed. “Yes, Button. You are so right. Jesus is going to heal her.”

Button then ran off and boldly proclaimed it to all the other children who were there: “HEY, GUYS! BUBBY IS GOING TO GO SEE JESUS SO JESUS CAN HEAL HER!!!”