This song is about a young man riding a train who realizes his calling when he is touched by the ghost of Charlie Christian (a groundbreaking early American swing and jazz guitarist).

But the spiritual wisdom in this song is profound, not the least of which is the fact that the man’s life is changed by a “Christian” Ghost.

Thoughts on this song:

  • He did not know that the ghost of Charlie Christian was riding too. We all are unaware of how omnipresent God is. He’s always “riding” with us. We can encounter Him at any time. And we often do, we’re just unaware.
  • That’s when he got the feeling. Felt his soul and spirit rise. Closed his eyes and saw a vision. And he was sanctified. This describes very well what it’s like when God reveals himself to people — your soul and spirit rise, you have visions of what the Lord has for you, and you advance in the process of sanctification.
  • I have heard a calling. I have heard it in the night. And I stood under the light of the calling. Once you’ve heard it, you know it. There’s no mistaking it. You hear it at all times – day and night. And it lights your path wherever you go. It’s like everything you do and see falls under the light of your calling – you see everything in that light.
  • Like a priest or a missionary. I am only following the calling. Following the calling…. Wow, can I relate to this. I don’t understand details like how, when, or why, but I do know what – there’s only one thing I’m sure of: the calling. The steps I take from here might not make sense, will come with a lot of criticism and skepticism from those around us, but are the steps that I must take anyway. I’m only following the calling.