At the pastor’s convention, we had spectacular worship! And during one of the worship sessions, I took Siah down to the front next to the stage so he could better see all the musicians (he’s a music fanatic!).

Well, Siah saw a guitar on stage that was not being used. And he tried pulling me — multiple times — onto the stage so he could play the guitar with the worship team. Yes, there may have been 4,000 people there, but that didn’t deter our 1-year-old. He was compelled beyond reason to climb up on stage and use the empty guitar. And when I kept telling him no, he became so grumpy.

Oh, what a foul mood boy we had for the rest of the evening. He didn’t even want to sit and watch the worship team up close. He just started pulling on my hand back up the two flights of stairs to our seats.