Isaiah 55:8:  My ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.

I can’t even imagine God’s ways.  That’s hard to comprehend.  It’s hard to imagine the unimaginable.
Think about the pre-telescope time when people saw only the sky of earth.  They saw fantastic things – probably some things that they thought were unimaginable.  Most of what they saw occurred during daylight hours, but every night they would get a glimpse of something beyond.  Turns out it was always there, just beyond the sky and obscured by the sun.
That’s like us – we also get regular glimpses of “the things beyond” which are largely obscured by things of this world.
But then someone invented the telescope.  And we got to see things that were truly unimaginable before.  Stars, milky ways, comets, planets, and other galaxies.  It was always there; we just couldn’t see it.  And we couldn’t even imagine it.
So it is with us.  The kingdom of heaven is always there – “the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matt. 10:7)  It’s hard for us to see it, though, without the right tools (e.g., Holy Spirit).  And it’s beyond what we could ever imagine.  God’s always working; His ways are always coming to pass; and we can’t even imagine it.
When the most fantastic thing you’ve seen is a sunrise that leaves you speechless or a thunderstorm that makes you hide in terror, you can’t even imagine solar systems, galaxies, or other planets.  I also can’t imagine all of God’s ways.
Lord, this is deep!  It’s profound to think of how unimaginable your ways are and of how very present You are – you’ve always been there, regardless of my imagination and what I can see.  Help me to understand this more and more, and to live like I understand it – always cognizant that there are “spiritual galaxies” out there just hovering around me.