Ps 103:4: He surrounds me with love and tender mercies.

God’s love and tender mercies immerse me like the ocean depths surround a deep sea diver. I’m not in the periphery of His love. I’m consumed completely in it — lost in it, if I let myself be.

I have a hard time comprehending and accepting that kind of love. I’ve never known a love like that — one full of unending mercy and grace. I’ve often felt on the verge of losing the love and grace of those whom I love most dearly – probably because I have so many times in the past. Sometimes it’s like walking on egg shells.

I walk on egg shells a lot with God. But He’s never given me reason to, and I don’t need to. How freeing it would be to let myself experience the surroundedness of His love.

I gather from vv. 1 and 2 of this psalm that letting myself be loved, letting myself experience the fullness of that relationship is volitional — even if it’s hard, I don’t understand, or I don’t want to, I must tell myself to. I must purpose to.

Lord, surround me with love and tender mercies. May my whole heart praise you and your holy name. May I never forget the good things you do for me.