Before church on Sunday, I was holding Siah on my hip while reading over my message for that day. A new worship CD was playing in the background. Other than that, all was quiet.

As the song moved into the chorus, the singer started singing something about “Jesus” and “God”. I still don’t know what the song was, but I noticed a lot of “Jesus” and “God” being sung.

And at that moment, an otherwise still and quiet 21-month-old lifted his right arm up and started waving it slowly in the air, like it was dancing. I looked at him and marveled.

Siah? Are you worshipping Jesus?”

“Ah-ha,” he smiled.

I just about cried. For the whole rest of the song, he danced his arm around, looking up at the sky, smiling. Except for when he would rebuke me for trying to sing or dance with him. “NO, Mama! M- tohrn. [my turn]” Then I would stop, and he would resume his worship.

It was as if he was painting music for the Lord. I wish I could have seen his finished masterpiece.