For mother’s day, I compelled both kids to tell me they loved me first thing in the morning. I said, “GUESS WHAT??? Today is MOTHER’S DAY!!!”

(My enthusiasm instantly evoked great enthusiasm from them, too.)

“Do you know what that means???!!!”

(At this point they’re both brimming with anticipation, looking at me with eyes wide open and grinning from ear to ear.)

“You have to tell me YOU LOVE ME!!!”

It was the most enthusiastic “I love you’s” that I’ve ever received from them. Button said, “I love you, Mama!!!” and Siah followed on her heels, “I uvh ooo, MAMA!”

Throughout the day I compelled “I love yous” from them, and I loved each and every one of them!

Also, my mom (and dad) and Niki’s mom (and dad) were visiting that day, so we all went out to lunch together at my favorite Italian restaurant. Then later, I went with my parents to the spa and got my nails done. Button desperately wanted to come, too, so I took her along. She wore me OUT, but it was SO worth the experience of getting manicures and pedicures together.