After bath time, Cutie Pie climbed butt naked on top of the stool to start brushing his teeth. He was very excited — only recently has he been able to stand on the stool and “brush” his teeth all by himself. (By “brushing,” I mostly mean sucking all the toothpaste off of it.)

And I was excited for him, too. As I was drying off Button (who also just got out of the bath), I was encouraging Cutie Pie, “Look at you! Brushing your teeth all by yourself! What a good boy you are!”

Then I noticed it — little tinkles coming out of his wee wee. Tinkle here… Tinkle there…

I changed my voice very quickly. “NO, NO, NO. STOP IT! DON’T DO THAT – DON’T GO PEE PEE! STOP!!!”

Cutie Pie was startled by my sudden change in voice. His face dropped and he said, so forlorned, “So-wee, Mama.”

But he KEPT tinkling. Tinkle tinkle!!!


“So-wee, Mama! So-wee, Mama!” [tinkle tinkle] Now the rug and stool were covered in tinklage.

I grabbed a wad of tissue to block the drippage. “STOP!!! STOP!!!”


At which point Cutie Pie burst into tears. I felt terrible. Only at this point did I realize he had no control over himself, despite his recent fascination with sitting on the potty. He was clinging to me and just crying. Poor little boy!

And he was still tinkling. [Yes, that’s not the first time I’ve been covered in tinklage.]

To redeem the situation and build him back up, I sat him on the potty. He was still sobbing, but every time he just happened to tinkle in the potty, I would praise him profusely. “WOW!!! Look at you, Cutie Pie! You’re really doing it! You’re going pee pee in the potty like a big boy! WOW!!!”

In short time, he was no longer crying, but looking down to see what all the acclaim was about. Then he stopped tinkling (finally.) and I asked him if he wanted to get down. With his typical Cutie Pie full-body-nod, I took him off the potty. He raced butt naked to his bedroom to get his pj’s on.

And I cleaned up a very wet bathroom…