Cutie Pie, Cutie Pie. What a fascinating person he is. His real name means “fire of the Lord,” and it’s interesting to see how his name describes so well who he is, at 20 months old (today!).
Cutie Pie is very passionate. He believes in things strongly. When he says, “yes,” he “nods” with his whole body — up, down, up, down from his head to his knees. When he is excited about something, he shrieks with a dimpled-face smile and stomps his feet up and down super fast, like a football drill. And when he laughs — oh, he puts his whole heart and soul into it. It’s the most contagious, bubbly, yet boy-ish laugh I could ever imagine. Sometimes I tickle him just to make ME laugh!

One of the things I delight in him the most is his strong sense of right and wrong, and that he’s not afraid to take on anything that threatens “right.”

For instance, one day he was mad at me because I didn’t give him something he wanted — I think it was juice instead of milk or vice versa. He literally chased me around the house screeching at me until I took a “time out” and locked myself in the bathroom (I was on the phone this whole time). He stood outside the bathroom pounding on the door double-fisted and continuing to screech…

And, whenever I challenge him (“I’m gonna get you!” or try to chase him around the house), he doesn’t run like most kids. But he turns to me, lets out what sounds like a battle cry, drops his head, and charges me like a bull. Then he throws his arms around my knees and with all the force a 20 pound+ boy can muster, tries to take me to the ground. Sometimes he has me laughing so hard that he actually succeeds in toppling me!

His favorite phrases right now are “Not Nice!”, “I MEAN it!”, “EnOUGH!”, and “I love you” (my favorite!). It’s also really important to him to be a big helper. He runs with great purpose (he looks like a focused drunk) to open doors for me, get daddy his shoes, or put things away. And he is quick to declare messes – especially his sister’s.

He loves playing outside. Anything outside. He resents being picked up from daycare when they’re playing outside, and if I don’t steer him into the house at the end of outside playtime, then he bee lines down the street for the playground (again, running like a focused drunk).

Next to playing outside, I think his favorite thing is me. And I’m okay with that. : D But I have to compete with the guitar, the piano, all things electronic, and the rocking chair where we cuddle and I sing him songs at night (I often find him sitting in the chair alone, rocking back and forth, and singing songs to himself).

Yes, speaking of – Cutie Pie has an unquenchable passion for all things music. This is definitely something we will encourage and foster in him, even though it’s not our gifting or interest. But I suspect music plays a large part in God’s purpose for his life.