Training – Niki & I completed 8-10 hours of on-line training that covered the adoption process – from administrative requirements, to medical issues, to traveling to the home country to pick up our child.  It involved a lot of reading of articles, too.

I learned a lot during the training and was able to begin compiling a list of things to take on the trip to Ethiopia as well as questions to ask of the orphanage when we get there (mostly regarding the child’s family history and care up to this point).
I also learned a lot about the medical issues our child might face.  There are a lot of possibilities, but being immersed in the details of them for 3-4 hours was a bit overwhelming.  It was hard to focus on the fact that our child was not going to have ALL of the conditions we were learning about, but may have SOME.  
At one point, when I started thinking our child would have severe attachment issues, learning disabilities, be wheelchair bound, and have AIDS (and we wouldn’t know any of this until we returned) I thought, “What are we doing???  We shouldn’t be adopting!”  But the thought was fleeting and I stopped myself — they were just trying to make us aware of all the possibilities, but our child would have only 1 or 2 of these and may have none.  Besides, I truly believe God has a child for us and that our child is in God’s hands.  I can trust that He won’t put us in a situation we can’t handle.
There is such peace that comes from knowing a divine, omnipresent and loving God.