It’s amazing to think of how awesome and expansive the universe is, and how small and insignificant earth is in comparison. And how even smaller and more insignificant I am.

Yet the Lord loves me. He loves us. Of all creation, His love falls on earth because it’s there that He’s raising up His sons and daughters.

It doesn’t really make sense. I have a hard time understanding it. But somehow – thinking of Button and Cutie Pie – it made more sense.

Every day, I am surrounded by the most powerful of the powerful. I work with the biggest, greatest, most influential leaders of the world. But compared to Button and Cutie Pie, those leaders don’t matter. To me, Button and Cutie Pie are the biggest thing in the world. To me, they are the greatest in the world. To me, they are two of the most influential people in the world. My love for, fascination with, and joy in them overshadows my job so greatly that it doesn’t even compare.

I guess that’s a little bit like how it is with God and us.