Last night, Button was helping us clean up after dinner. Her job was to clean the floor. And she was doing a great job of it, until she started “blowing bubbles.” We heard her and Cutie Pie having quite a lot of fun blowing bubbles, but when we turned around, we saw that Button had in fact been “blowing bubbles” by spraying milk all over the floor. It was disgusting.

“What are you DOING???” Niki asked her.

“Blowing bubbles,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Look at the mess you made! You know better! GO SIT IN TIME OUT,” he ordered.

Button dutifully went and sat on the step, scowled at Niki, and muttered something.

“What did you say??” he grilled her.

She repeated herself, with all the sass of the original comment: “I haf-ta sit in time out because daddy is as grumpy as a bear!”