Easter this year was fantastic! We had it at Mount Vernon for our 2nd year in a row (George Washington’s estate), and nearly everyone in the fellowship was involved in pulling it off. It was really neat to see people excel in different areas and put their own touch on things (like the music selections, the powerpoint slides, etc.).

The service itself was amazing. The worship was incredible and the message was equally convicting and inspiring. I am so impressed with the quality of Niki’s messages and the power of our worship. Sometimes I sit speechless and marvel at what I’m witnessing. I bet it feels a little like being close friends with the U2 band before they had the international impact that they now have — can you imagine getting to be one of the 40 people who heard them play their first gig? That’s what I feel like in our church services. It’s really, really cool.

My primary prayers had been that God would be glorified and that the Holy Spirit would fill the auditorium and pour out on everybody there. I witnessed people moved powerfully by the Holy Spirit and even those who are not followers of Christ were touched by the message!

We also found a superb activity for the kids — some volunteers in our church took the kids into Mount Vernon estate for the duration of the service to have fun and see the animals. The kids loved it — it was a special treat on a special (and sunny) day. And the adults in the service were less distracted and better able to appreciate and enjoy the service than last year.