Last Friday, March 14th, when it was sunny and 60 degrees outside, we turned in our official adoption application. It has taken us about 4 months to complete it. I wondered if it would ever get done because the paperwork was overwhelming, even for 2 attorneys!

We almost hit a snag, though, when we had to go to the police station to get fingerprinted (the last thing required for the application). They required 2 forms of ID, and the ID’s accepted were very specific. Niki didn’t have a second ID that met the requirements. I was so worried that we would not be able to complete the process until my next Friday off 2 weeks later, and that the whole day would be ruined. I mean, this arbitrary technicality would set back our ability to have our child 2 weeks sooner!!! But fortunately, the police suggested we use the vehicle registration, and that sufficed! We were able to get fingerprinted and turn in the application just in time.

I felt amazing! Like I had accomplished a huge feat! It’s really real now. It’s really, really real. We’re going to have another child, and I am so excited!!!

After we turned in the application, we set our appointments for a series of interviews and meetings that comprise the “Home Study.” Hopefully that will be completed by mid-April (yes, I’m trying to get this done as soon as possible!).

And then we went to eat at Bob Evans, one of our favorite places. Really, it’s “our place” right now because we go there on dates a couple times a month.

It was a perfect day — which was all too fitting for such a momentous occasion.