One of the physical effects people experience when they are moved by the Holy Spirit is crying. Not everyone experiences it, but a lot of people do. It’s not an emotional reaction, but a spiritual one.

The first time I experienced this, I had no idea what was going on. Or why I was blubbering. I wasn’t particularly sad or worked up at all at the time, but I couldn’t control my tears. All I was doing was sharing a thought with our church at the time.

I later learned about how crying and moving in the Spirit often go hand and hand. (Other physical signs include breathing deeply, calmness, sensations of heat, light-headedness or dizziness, weak knees, and shaking.) So I’ve grown accustomed to it — to me crying, to others crying. It’s a beautiful thing — it’s like a physical representation of the cleansing of the soul that the Spirit is doing, washing away things that weigh us down with every tear shed.

Many Sundays in our worship service, I am moved to tears. We are fortunate in our small church to encounter and experience the Spirit moving regularly. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything — the Christian life without the Spirit is lifeless and mundane. The presence of the Spirit – and the resultant cleansing – is so powerful that I often have to wash my face in the middle of service to clean off the streaks of eye makeup.

But it recently occurred to me – why don’t I wear waterproof eye makeup? And I realized – it’s because I don’t expect the Spirit to move on Sundays. Instead, I go into church hoping the Spirit will move, hoping God will be present with us, but not believing or expecting He will.

And when I pray on Sundays for the Holy Spirit to be present, to work in all our lives, and to change us forever, I realized my prayer is more like pleading and begging rather than expecting God will gladly answer it, as His word says He will. I don’t have to beg with Him to do what He wants to do and what He promises to do. I simply have to ask, and in asking, it is done.

So, I’ve invested in some waterproof mascara and I’ve started wearing it on Sundays. I’m expecting the Spirit to move mightily during worship and I’m expecting to be cleansed, loved, and changed.

But then I realized this week — why don’t I wear waterproof eye makeup the other 6 days of the week?