It’s bonus time, and that got me thinking. Bonuses aren’t an “entitlement” (as management is too quick to remind us) — it’s unexpected, supplemental pay. And if we think of pay as a gift and provision from God, then bonuses are like God’s “mad money” that He gives us to steward. We don’t really need it — or at least we shouldn’t, if we’ve budgeted responsibly. It’s just mad money.

Which got me thinking further… when people ask me what I’d do if I won a million dollars, I always talk about the cause that’s on my heart at that time — whether it be orphans, building AIDS clinics in Africa, helping family members in need. I never say “let it sit in my bank account and use it for general daily needs like groceries.” Yet, that’s what I’ve done with my bonuses and awards to date: nothing.

This year, God opened my eyes to see that my bonus – no matter how big or small it is – is like winning a million bucks. If I’d put my million bucks towards a “God cause,” then why wouldn’t I put my bonus towards it?

When I get my bonus this year, it’s going straight towards our adoption. I have never before been so excited about spending a bonus! Just imagine the change in our lives, our adoptive child’s life, and so many other lives that this bonus will make!

And on top of it, I’m looking forward to future bonuses and the people who I will get to help because of those bonuses! The poor, the captive, the orphaned, pioneer churches, etc.

I’ve also noticed that I’m not nearly as concerned about my bonus as I have been — it’s not a reflection on me, it’s an opportunity from God to give to His causes. It’s absolutely liberating and exciting to think of bonuses this way!