The Lord is king! He is robed in majesty. Indeed, the Lord is robed in majesty and armed with strength. The world stands firm and cannot be shaken. Ps. 93:1
Author: Probably David, a shepherd boy turned king
Audience: People of Israel? For the rest of Ps. 93, though, it’s the Lord.
Most Important Concept: The Lord is the living and supreme king
Verbs: “Is”: repeated, present tense. Present tense — this verse describes the present as well as the past.
Perhaps there’s a cause/effect (C/E) relationship between Lord being King armed with majesty and strength and the world being firmly established?
To do: Look up original meaning of “world”; compare to “world” in John 17
Application points for me:
This is a verse to use in worship
My world cannot be shaken because the Lord is unshakable
“Lord”: Outside of the context of religion, “lord” connotes to me one who is noble, rich, landowner, powerful, has servants, is not a king but is close and has authority over something, in charge, always regally dressed, trained to fight and also has guards
Words that are repeated:
Clothed — covered in, shrouded in, part of Him, an attribute/what He is like
Lord — For and about Him
Is — Everlasting attribute
Relationship b/w Majesty and Strength: Related, but not necessarily. Strength of character. Strength of presence; of spirit; physical strength. These words inspire different reactions — awe, reverence, pursuit, devotion/fear, stability, peace, and confidence.
Transition from Lord to World:
1. World (creation) is evidence to support previous statements
2. Introduces world and its majesty and strength as point of comparison (cf.) for attributes of the Lord.
World cannot be shaken or moved (but there are earthquakes…):
World is not fleeting, unstable, or unreliable
Expression of His will and purpose, so complete
Governed by laws – predictable
Much greater than us — so as example of who God is, amazing!
Reaction to this verse:
The Lord is dependable, supreme, great in strength and majesty — both reverent fear and great joy and humility that He cares about me.
Some could fear His wrath and judgment given His strength, creation, and righteousness, but this must be read in the context of the story of mercy and grace that is spelled out from Genesis to Revelation.