Over the weekend, Button started talking to me about the orphan we are going to adopt. She’s very excited about her new sibling (apprently a sister), and she told me all the things she wants to do with her sister — recounting practically everything she’s done in her life:

“Mama? I want the oooorphen to come over to our house to play. And she can sleep in my tent wif me. And she can play with my dollhouse wif me. And we can ride in my pink car. And we can go down the slides. And we can color. And we can read. And we can play horsie. And watch movies. And I’ll kiss her. And I’ll tickle her. . . .

And we’ll make bwooberry pancakes together. And go to Miss Frannie’s together. And go swimming together. And go to the liiiibrary together. And go to the pwayground together! Yeah!

Mama, I want the oooorphen to stay for all of the days, okay?”

“Okay, Button. That’s exactly what we’ll do — we’ll have the orphan stay for all of the days so she won’t be an orphan any more.”

“But, Mama? I want lots of oooorphens.”

“You do? How many do you want?”

“I want (as she holds up her fingers, counting a little bit faster than she’s talking) 1-2-3-4-FIVE. FIVE oooorphens!”

“Me, too, Button! I want 5 orphans too! That sounds like a great idea!”

“No, mama. I want SIX. SIX orphans!”

“Okay, Button. Let’s think about that — we’ll have to ask daddy.”

. . . “Mama? The ooorphen doesn’t have a mommy or a daddy.”

“That’s right, Button. Orphans need a mom and a dad. And they need a big sister and big brother, too. Do you think you could be a good big sister to an orphan?”

“YES! Of COURSE I can! And baby brutter can be a good big brutter, too!”