The LORD reigns, He is clothed with majesty; The LORD has clothed and girded Himself with strength; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved. Ps. 93:1
  • Probably David, shepherd boy turned King.
  • This is one great King writing about another even greater king.
  • People of Israel?
  • For the rest of Ps 93, though, it’s a direct praise to the Lord
Most important concept:
  • Lord is a living and supreme King
  • Is, Has. Repeated, present tense.
  • This verse is still true today (present tense)
Perhaps a cause/effect relationship between Lord being King armed w/majesty and strength and the world being firmly established
  • Majesty/Strength — related, but not necessarily. Majesty could encompass strength of charcter and of presence only, while Strength could encompass strength of spirit and physical strength. They potentially invoke different reactions: awe, reverence, pursuit, and devotion versus fear (potentially good fear and bad fear), stability, peace, and confidence.
*Look up definition, original language, and concordance entries for “world”*
Application points:
  • A verse to use in worship
  • My world cannot be shaken because the Lord is unshakeable
Outside of religion and Christianity, thinking of “lord” draws these associations:
  • Noble, rich, landowner, powerful, has servnats, not king but close, in charge, always regally dressed, trained to fight but also has guards
  • Clothed — covered in, surrounded by, what Lord is like, His attribute
  • Lord — verse is for and about Him
  • Is/Has — everlasting attribute, immutable characteristic
Transition from Lord to World:
  1. World (creation) is evidence to support previous statements about Lord
  2. Introduces world and its majesty and strength as points of comparison for attributes of the Lord

World cannot be shaken or moved (despite its orbit and axis):

  • World is not fleeting, unstable, or unreliable
  • World is His work product – an expression of His will and purpose
  • World is dependable and predictable in that it is goverened by certain “laws”
  • World is much greater than us, so just imagine what its creator is like!

Feelings associated with this verse: The Lord is dependable, supreme, great in strength and majesty — invokes in me both reverent fear (good) and great joy and humility that He cares about me (of all things).

Some could read this verse, though, and fear God’s wrath and judgment, given His strength, creation, and righteousness. But this verse and psalm must be read in the context of the entire Bible, which is a story of God’s grace and mercy on us.