I was a serious, independent, highly self-motivated child who was focused on academics, athletics, and other activities. I did not socialize much or enjoy “wasting time.” I spent my time studying, ice skating, acting, playing softball, horseback riding, playing the drums, and participating in many other programs and events. I had only 1-2 close friends through each stage of my life, but my friendships ended as we grew apart. I was more comfortable with adults than with peers, and do not have any friends from my childhood (my perspective on friendships has since changed, as has the quality of my friends).

My most pleasant memories involve rewarding academic and extra-curricular experiences, such as starring in theater productions, competing at a national level for softball pitching, taking college classes in high school, and traveling to foreign countries for educational programs or to meet family members. I also love my “camp” experiences – such as Bible camps in the summer, ski camps, and one summer at Space Camp in Alabama.

My unhappy memories all involve being bullied, ostracized, maligned, ridiculed, or targeted by peers and people in authority (teachers, coaches, etc.). I faced a significant amount of persecution and rejection as a child and all the way into early adulthood.