Write a book
Visit Israel
Memorize tons of scripture (especially the Pauline letters)
Improve the spiritual health of others
Run a kids camp
Strengthen and operate regularly in my spiritual gifts and disciplines
Our children would feel loved, valued, and safe
Our family would be cohesive
Our children’s gifts would be maximized
Our children would be devoted and obedient to God
Our children would receive a comprehensive, well-rounded education
Our family would be dedicated to loving and to serving
To adopt children into our family
To surround ourselves with a community of people to emulate and to sharpen and care for us
To leave a spiritual and financial inheritance for our children
To maintain my physical fitness
To take family vacations at least annually
To foster and maintain strong relationships with aunts and grandparents
To cultivate a well-educated mind through regular reading
To journal regularly
To memorialize family history in scrapbooks
To engage our children intellectually and augment their education at home
To follow Jesus faithfully
To shepherd our children’s hearts