Button does; Cutie Pie doesn’t. Button has been enthusiastic about adopting an orphan since we first started discussing it. She is excited about being a big sister to someone who doesn’t have a big sister, and sharing her toys with him/her because she “has lots of them.” She talks about teaching our adopted child things, tickling him/her, and loving him/her. When we talk about how we’re going to bring an orphan home who does not have a family, she responds confusedly, “Yes they do! You’re their mommy and daddy. And I’m their sister!” Sometimes at night when she says her prayers, she asks Jesus to take care of the orphan who is coming to stay with us “for all of the days.”

We have talked to Cutie Pie about how we will be having another child join our family, and we have built him up in his ability to be a big helper and big brother. He understands the “big brother” concept, and has shown a lot of enthusiasm about it.