Button (3-year-old girl) is effervescent, gregarious, quick-witted, affectionate, adventurous, service-oriented, confident, bold, and truly joyful. She’s a great mix of a “girly girl,” liking all things “princess” and pink, and an athletically-oriented competitor (she likes to run fast, pitch, play soccer, and swim). She also enjoys Dora, “homework,” watching videos, going to the movies, going shopping, and having “campouts” with friends and with her grandparents.

Cutie Pie (18-month-old boy) is focused, introverted, determined, and playful. He is both musically gifted and passionate. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and confidently administers justice whenever he can. He has a contagious laugh and loves to play pranks on me. He enjoys eating; playing the guitar, drums, and piano; singing; playing with anything electronic; climbing; running; watching Baby Einstein; and playing with trucks and trains. He’s also quite attached to his panda bear (“Pa-wah”) and froggie (“Roggie”).