· Standing up for what is right, even when it’s hard
· Believing in and advocating on behalf of myself (I can do anything with God who strengthens me)
· Working hard to advance myself (do not rely on handouts, but make the most of what God has given me)
· Persevere and do not give up (try, try, try again)
· Do everything with excellence
· Prioritize family time and support family members in their activities and accomplishments (all holidays were spent with family, we vacationed together, and we attended each other activities and events)
· Manage your finances responsibly (we were not given allowance, but had to earn money by doing extra around the house; I managed my own checkbook at 13)
· Respect those in authority, but with the expectation that they also treat you with respect
· Perform at my best, whether it was academically, athletically, or in other activities
· Always be truthful and conduct myself with integrity (I was punished more severely for lying about a wrong than committing the wrong itself)
· Be moral and virtuous in social conduct, including sexually
· Serve others (we were involved in numerous community service activities)
· Be comfortable in your independence — do not be swayed by negative peer pressure
· Social maturity and wherewithal to be street wise as well as book smart
· A love for the outdoors