As a child, I always had strong support from my family. My mother, especially, was a huge advocate for me, and we were very family-oriented. This has contributed to me being loyal and a strong advocate and defender of what is right. Also, I have encountered many adversaries – it seemed that I was bullied and unpopular for most of my youth and early adult life. This has helped me become a strong and principled person, not affected much by what others think of me.

I also was involved in countless extracurricular activities in my youth – everything from fencing to ice skating, theater to Russian lessons. This has contributed to me being very self-motivated and productive, and having a variety of interests.

Every summer of my childhood, I went to a Christian summer camp. These camps had a tremendous impact on me – they built my faith and have inspired my ultimate dream – to one day run a Christian camp for kids myself. They also contributed greatly to my interest in kids.

Participating extensively in drama helped me become more outgoing and confident, and competing for the Rhodes scholarship and attending Harvard Law School led me to be not easily intimidated. Being married has stretched me to become increasingly hospitable to people visiting our home. And going through and repenting from a stage of rebellion has created in me a new humility and caused me to be less controlling and more faithful in how I live.