The objective of our discussion groups is to facilitate attendees’ application of the truth they heard during the sermon. What convicted them? What convinced them (changed a way they were thinking)? What needs to change in their lives based on what they heard? In what ways are they going to respond based on what they heard today?

Groups may focus on different things this Sunday based on what they heard, like how they think differently about themselves, how they think differently about God, how they think differently about church/other believers, etc. There also may be people who God is prompting to make changes – like to relate to people differently, build up gifts in their kids, become more involved in specific ways in the Body, etc.

Discussion group leaders are encouraged to pray in advance for wisdom and spiritual insight in how to lead the people in their group. I trust God will give them things to share with their group — He already knows who they will be talking with on Sunday, and He has scheduled a “divine appointment” for them with those people. He has things for the discussion group leaders to say/give the people in their group, and He promises to reveal those things if they seek Him for them.

Our goal is that each person who comes on Sunday will apply the truth of what they hear and their lives will be forever changed.