Niki and I went to see Marc Cohn in concert this week. He sang “our” song, True Companion (to which we got engaged and nearly arrested…), and the very popular Walking in Memphis. He also recently came out with a fantastically deep and powerful new album, Join the Parade. We have been huge Marc Cohn fans since college, and love all of his music. So I was really looking forward to this concert. But I had no idea what I was in for…

I’ve been to a fair share of concerts, but I have never walked out of a concert loving an artist’s music more than when I walked in because of how the artist played rather than what the artist played or how the artist explained the stories behind the music.

Niki described it as like watching a musical — in the same way that characters become alive in a unique way through the songs of a musical, Marc Cohn came alive through his music. His songs expressed his life — his personality, dreams, struggles, and life-changing experiences. And it seemed like he played with all the emotion he felt when he lived through these experiences. It was like watching his life story rather than listening to him play songs, and I felt like we were invited to become part of his life and experience it with him.

Marc Cohn’s concert was profoundly introspective, personal, and moving. I could have listened all night! I’m not particularly music savvy, but after watching him perform, I felt like I had just eaten my first personally-prepared gourmet meal. I didn’t even know someone could play like that — I realized for the first time that there are people who play music (my typical music fare — like diner food) and then there are music artists (Marc Cohn).

It’s possible his tour will continue this summer. I hope it does so that countless others can experience his music rather than just hear it.