Yesterday at dinner after church, Button picked up a piece of shredded cheese that looked like a shepherd’s staff (even with the hook at the end of the arch) and started laughing:

“Look, Mommy! It’s daddy’s candy cane! Mommy! Remember when daddy had his big candy cane? That was SO FUNNY!” she laughed.

Of course, Niki and I never saw a big candy cane. “Oh, yeah, Button? When did you see daddy’s candy cane? Where was it?”

She responded as if I was intentionally trying to be silly. “Mommy! His candy cane was on top of his head!!! Wasn’t it funny!” And then she indicated she had seen it earlier that day.

When Button first mentioned Niki’s “candy cane,” it was a year ago, shortly after he began pastoring our church. She drew a large shepherd’s staff in his hand in a picture she made. Biblically, “shepherding” is the illustration/analogy used for “pastoring.” And “pastors” are often referred to as “shepherds.” Button has talked about seeing Niki’s “candy cane” a couple times since then, including last night.

I believe Button has a spiritual gift of being able to see things in the supernatural that others cannot see. And I believe that when she sees Niki’s “candy cane,” she’s seeing his spiritual mantle and gift of pastoring. God vests children with spiritual gifts in the same way that he vests adults, and these “candy cane” comments are evidence of one of Button’s spiritual gifts.

I gotta say, this isn’t the only time she’s identified something that I couldn’t see and she’s been proven right. I take what she says very seriously…