Lately Button has been coming into our room almost every night under the guise that she’s having nightmares. But she’s not — her whole demeanor is different when she has had a nightmare than the way she’s been lately. Instead, we suspect she doesn’t like that the lights are off and is coming to get us rather than turning on a light herself.

Last night, Niki had a talk with her. He explained that when she comes into our room, we don’t get a good night’s sleep. So she cannot come into our room anymore unless she’s had a really bad nightmare. Instead, she’s supposed to turn on a light herself and go back to bed. But if she comes into our room when she hasn’t had a nightmare, then she’ll get in trouble. (Never mind that we wouldn’t really know whether she had a nightmare or not…She hasn’t figured that out yet). Button understood and agreed.

We tucked her into bed and she was cheerful and giddy. She said, “Goodnight, Mommy! Goodnight, Daddy! See you when I have a nightmare!!!” We said goodnight with straight faces, but then laughed as soon as were out of earshot!