For part of my prayer time today, I adapted Psalm 103 to be my praise to the Lord:

Let me praise and honor the Lord with everything I have!
with my every breath, may I glorify Him
Let all that I am lift Him up — may I be like a theater light backstage, shining a stunning spotlight on Him
may I never forget all that He has liberated me from
He forgives me, for things past and present, known and unknown
and heals my broken heart
He restores me to the way He made me to be, rebuilding my crumbled walls
and crowns me with His grace, favor, and love
He fills my life with incomparable blessings — if I thanked Him all day long I still could not list them all!
My youth is refreshed and His love energizes me to press on with great joy
The Lord gives justice and righteousness to all who are treated unfairly.
He advocates for them, defends them, and protects them like a zealous mom.
He revealed Himself to Moses, to His disciples, and to all of us,
and his deeds to all of Israel
The Lord is so faithful and patient
slow to snap at or give up on me
He will not hold my brokenness and shortcomings against me
nor will He get rid of me — discarding me like a torn sock
He does not ignore me
he does not forget me
For his love for me
is as great as the deepest ocean
He has removed everything that separated me from Him
as far as zero is from infinity, He has removed my ick from me
The Lord is like an undefeated warrior-prince
tirelessly defending with a passionate love those who fear him
For he knows who I can be
he remembers what burned in his heart when he created me.
Our days on earth are like leftover snow on a hot day
They melt away before our eyes — as though we had never been here.
But the love of the Lord never disappears
His salvation extends to the four corners of the sky
The Lord has made everything in heaven and earth — everything!
And he didn’t just leave it to be — no, he actively rules over everything.
Praise the Lord, everything in His creation!
Yes, praise the Lord, all you creatures in heaven!
Praise the Lord, everyone, for His love for us is so immense!
Let me praise and honor the Lord with everything I have!