I am effervescent, outgoing, fun-loving, and adventurous. I am disciplined, self-motivated, confident, bold, and not easily intimidated. I am loyal, faithful, principled, and humble. I am creative, perceptive, organized, hospitable, and very high-energy. I am a strong advocate and defender of the truth and what is right. I am committed to following Jesus and living by the Bible, and I am continually trying to be conformed to Him more and more. I thrive on challenges.

As a wife, I am dependable and a faithful companion and helper. As a mom I am an advocate, shepherd, teacher, and comforter. As a friend, I am loving and loyal.

My greatest weaknesses are:

  1. being too busy – controlled by the tyranny of the urgent. I call it my “Martha complex,” and I’m trying to cultivate a Mary heart in a Martha world, and
  2. being controlling. I have to work to surrender, submit, and be at peace.