This past weekend, Niki and I attended a wedding of a good friend, who is Jewish. I love attending Jewish weddings. The symbolism and tradition are incredible, but not to be outdone by the true festiveness of the occasion — it seems all guests are filled with the same joy and excitement as the bride and groom!

I also love the ceremony itself. I can’t help but think of the wedding at Cana and imagine being a guest along with Jesus himself, getting a flavor for what he witnessed in Cana 2,000-some years ago.

At this particular wedding, I was really struck by the chuppah – the canopy under which the ceremony takes place and a symbol of the home to be built and shared by the couple (see picture for example). The bride’s mother quilted together their chuppah with fabrics from different generations of both families — ties, tablecloths, and even a prayer shawl worn by his grandfather. It was, in itself, a monumental act of love, the first of many heirlooms in the new family being created on that day, and a representation of all the generations who had gone before them. It was rich in love, purpose, and legacy. I loved it! And I hope I can capture the essence of that gift when our children get married.