Last week we had our first adoption agency visit at Bethany Christian Services. It was a 2-hour overview of the process and requirements for international adoption. We took away a couple key things from it:

  • We’re doing this! We know this is what the Lord would have us do, so we’re moving forward. We’re committed, and we’re going to begin the process.
  • The only two countries we’re able to consider are Ethiopia and Zambia (a pilot program). All other countries have been ruled out for various reasons. We were considering the Philippines, but the process isn’t the smoothest, the wait times can be long, and we could expect a child who is 4 or older — we are hoping for a child who is younger than Cutie Pie.
  • We can expect to pay about $25,000 total for the adoption (which is on par with what we would pay for a domestic adoption, oddly enough).
  • We would need to pay about $10,000 of that around March 2008 if we progress with the process without taking any breaks.

Afterwards, Niki and I were both excited to begin this journey. We took an application — which was daunting, even for two attorneys…