This church pioneering stuff is hard. I don’t know what I’m doing. Or how to do it. It seems like as soon as everything starts getting settled – or heading in the same direction – something changes, or some big course correction needs to happen. I can try to get in front of it, but there’s very little that I can in fact do. In reality, this is God’s thing. And the only reason we’re doing what we’re doing is because we’re passionate about Him and know He asked us to do this.

It can be discouraging, though.

I think what I need to know most — and over and over — is that what we’re doing is pleasing God. That we are His “good and faithful servants.” It’s hard to fight against the temptation to want to be successful by people’s standards; but what I’m truly most concerned about is whether we’re successful by God’s standards. If we’re making mistakes – or not doing things the way He wants us to – I just want to know so we can course correct. I hate making mistakes.

I have so many questions and so little answers.
I anticipate so little and get blindsided so much.
I do and try and organize and schedule and coordinate, but it seems the more I do, the more I fall behind.

God, are we successful to you? What would you have us do differently? How do we do this?