I had a dream not too long ago that went like this: On a cloudy, gray morning, Niki & I were standing outside with 5 people who were excitedly telling a group of 50 others about the amazing things God had done in their lives recently. The 5 were previously pre-believers, but based on their testimonies, it seemed they had invited the Lord into their lives because of what they had experienced.

When the 5 had finished sharing their testimonies, I said to them, “Wow, guys! This is really great! We want to hear more, but we have to get back inside because church is about to start. Can we meet up with you later?” In response, the 5 said, “But we want to go to church with you!” They followed us inside, and the people with whom they shared their testimonies came too. And in one day, 50 new people joined us. At the end of the dream was this message: Get your house ready because the people are about to come.

I woke up and thought it was an interesting dream, but dismissed it as just a dream. Until it repeated (exactly the same way) 3 more times. THAT was something I couldn’t just dismiss.

I realized it was definitely more than a dream, and could quite possibly be from God. But I’m hesitant to believe dreams alone are messages from God (“Interpreting dreams is God’s business” Genesis 40:8). I waited for a word from the Bible to confirm it.

And last week I got it: “Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense! For you will soon be bursting at the seams.” Isaiah 54:2-3 Now that’s something to move on.

So I spent most of last week responding to craigslist postings and blitzing various stores looking for good deals on home decorating items. After living in a spartan house for more than 3 years, we totally transformed into “home” in about 3 days! All we have to do now is order some furniture for the front room, and then I’ll wait eagerly by the window looking for that group of 50 people to arrive. How fantastic that will be!