Last night we had some friends from church over, as well as some recently-made friends who are looking for a church community in the area. We ate some lasagna (not so hot — I cooked it, but when we dug into it, it was lukewarm. Bummer!) and played 2 of my favorite games: Catch Phrase and Celebrities. (Celebrities is the best because it doesn’t require a board and moves from a trivial-pursuit guessing-style stage to a charades-only stage in guessing various celebrities’ names)

I had so much fun! I also LOVED that what started out as a small group ballooned the night of the game as people came over last-minute. There’s nothing like a non-churchy night of people laughing and cutting up to end a long week and get people to feel instantly familiar with each other. Even though it can seem like just-another-thing-to-schedule, I want to try to do game nights more often.

Or maybe karaoke night… : D