One week a year, our family takes a trip to get away. Last week was our week. I love these trips because it brings our family closer together and always results in precious memories. When we left, Button couldn’t get over the fact that we couldn’t stay. I, too, wish we could just be on vacation forever.

Here’s my 2007 Vacation Top 10:
  1. Cutie Pie’s 1st Birthday — he covered his face in chocolate cake
  2. Having great times with God on a beach
  3. Great quality time with Niki, the kids, and his family
  4. The kids’ excitement every day
  5. Making sand creations with the kids
  6. Button saying, “I love you so much, Fodder” to Niki
  7. No cell phone reception
  8. Endless water slides and lazy river tubing
  9. Sleeping in (rare!)
  10. Dessert buffets