I wear evidence of my spiritual well being on my fingernails. If I’m doing great spiritually, my nails are in great shape. If I’m dealing with a lot of spiritual issues, like lack-of-faith, disobedience, or discouragement, my nails bear the brunt of it.

I’ve noticed that the condition of my nails has very little to do with worldly circumstances or stress. Even when I’ve been stressed out, my nails have remained in good shape if I’m doing well spiritually (God can handle my stress). But if I’m not doing well spiritually, even the slightest bump in life will result in a bloody cuticle.

The only good thing about it is that fellow believers can easily hold me accountable because they can readily see how I’m doing.

Something else I’ve noticed is that biting my nails is — in itself — a spiritual issue in my life. Aside from the fact that God does not condone self mutilation, I have found that whenever I’m picking at my nails, I stop thinking about God, worshipping, or otherwise operating spiritually. Even if I’m in the middle of singing a song I know by heart, I will suddenly stop singing it as I start to examine my nails. There’s a complete disconnect — as soon as I focus on my nails, I stop focusing on the Lord.

Right now, all my nails are starting to show evidence of growing back. One is doing really well, one is not. The other eight are finally starting to show white tips again. And that’s a direct correlation to some decisions Niki and I have been faced with over the past 3 weeks (more on that later).

I aspire to reach the point in my spiritual walk where, no matter what I’m going through, my nails are long, healthy, and beautiful.