It’s fitting to write something about Button on her THIRD birthday! Wow, time flies.

This morning, Button, Niki, and I were frantically searching for a gold bracelet that Button received from Nana for her birthday. She had worn it to bed a couple nights ago, but stashed it somewhere the next morning, and neither Niki nor I had seen it since.

When we asked her where she put the bracelet, she said, “in my pack-pack to keep it safe” (which is “Button” for “backpack”). She’s pretty good at remembering these things, and she has quite a habit of collecting “stuffs” in her “pack-pack.”

I found the backpack and dumped all of its contents out on her bed. It’s amazing what that kid can fit into a little bag… We rummaged through it all, but the bracelet was not to be found.

So I asked her again, a little more urgently, “Button, where is your bracelet???”

She looked at the pile on her bed, raised her eyebrows, and said, “Well, it’s not in my pack-pack!”