Let’s face it. Sunday services in themselves don’t allow us to go much deeper in our walks and relationships with the Lord. You can only fit so much into one service, and people are at different levels of receptiveness and spiritual understanding. Even if a church service is not geared towards unbelievers or new believers, it will usually leave some hungry believers longing for more — for spiritual meat rather than milk.

Churches have tried to address this gap by instituting adult Sunday schools (usually an hour of instruction prior to the service), building up its cell group infrastructure, or hosting conferences and seminars. One sister church in our area started a program called “A Little More” — where people can come for an evening and get “a little more” teaching, “a little more” worship, or “a little more” of something else.

In our church, we have started a monthly event called Teleios. “Teleios” (TELL-eh-awhs) is the Greek word for “mature” or “perfected,” and it is used in the book of Hebrews to describe Christians who are mature in their faith and at a place where God wants them to be (“perfected”). Our Teleios nights are designed to bring people into greater Christian maturity — to take us to a deeper level than we can achieve in a Sunday service. They are not geared towards seekers; they are geared towards believers who want to advance further in their walks with the Lord.

Our first Teleios event will focus on worship — not only experiencing it, but also understanding some of the principles and practices behind it. We will be ushered fully into the presence of God while we worship for a couple hours, and we will answer some questions about worship, like “why do we raise our hands?”; “why do people dance?”; “how loud do i sing?”; “why do we sing at all?”; and “why do we sing the songs that we do?”

I have great expectations for this evening; whenever people are in the presence of God amazing things happen.