I was just glancing through my prayer to God about space for our church. Several decisions have been made since then, and they can be summed up as this: We have decided to stay in our house and make some adjustments to the living areas and to our fellowship patterns to accomodate everybody.

But here’s the funny thing — as I looked through the list again, it was so clear that our home is exactly the space God has for us — and it’s a complete answer to my prayer! I couldn’t see it, even though it was right in front of me!

Here’s the list:

Enough space to sit 100 adults comfortably every Sunday for prayer and a service (Our church has thought of creative ways to achieve this, including adding a second service if need be and re-arranging our dining room and formal living room to be effective fellowship areas).

A living room-type environment where people don’t have to sit in rows (we have a living room, and we have no rows in our home — check!)

With rugs, and windows, and couches, and color-coordinated slip covers (got those; but i might have to pick up some slip covers — check!)

A place where we can have coffee, refreshments, and lunch (kitchen – check!)

A place we can use for events and gatherings throughout the week (open 7 days a week – check!)

Plenty o’ parking (got curbs — check!)

An extra, sizeable room(s) to hold Ranch Camp (our youth program) (thank you, rec room! – check!)

No more than 30% of our monthly income (rent free! – check!)

In the Mount Vernon area of Alexandria (hey, that’s where we live! – check!)

Easy to find (right off the main strip! – check!)

In great condition (check!)