Button was expressing concerns about that stupid witch again the other night. We were in Cutie Pie’s room, where a friend has painted a beautiful mural on the wall of the new Jerusalem and a lion and lamb laying side-by-side. I told her, “Button, there is no witch. You don’t have to be afraid.”

She responded, “Dat’s right, mama.” Then she looked at the mural and said, “That lamb is going to protect me.”

I realized what a deep spiritual truth she was articulating — that Jesus, the lamb of God, will protect her. “Yep, Button. That’s absolutely right.”

Then she continued, “He’s going to carry me on his back. And then he’s gonna POW that witch!!!” (as she made a punching motion).

I was astounded at the imagery — a picture came to mind of Jesus carrying the cross on His back for her sins, and for all our sins, and ultimately having victory over all things evil. “You’re right, Button.” I was amazed.