We’re at that place where we need to begin finding a larger location for our church to meet. Larger space will enable us to accommodate more people, but we don’t have the resources to afford much. It some ways it’s a catch-22. We need larger space to accommodate more people; we need more people to afford larger space.

From the world’s perspective, it seems impossible. But I know You will make it work. You are God of the Impossible — with You, all things are possible.

We have looked into all kinds of space, like retail space, a school, movie theaters, hotels, recreation centers, auditoriums, and an abandoned and dilapidated building. So far, we only have one option, but it’s out of our price range. Thank you for making this easy — for closing all the doors You don’t want us to walk through.

I’ve been here before — hoping and praying for the impossible. When I needed to leave my last job, I gave You my wish list of everything I wanted in a job. I actually wrote it down — everything from no travel to a free gym on site. I looked at the list and laughed — if anyone ever advertised such a job, I would never get it. Too many people would apply and the competition would be too fierce. But, God, You created the job (the office did not exist at the time I made the list), and You gave it to me.

So, Lord, here is my wish list for space for the Fellowship, knowing full well that this is Your Fellowship — Your will be done:

  • Enough space to sit 100 adults comfortably every Sunday for prayer and a service
  • A living room-type environment where people don’t have to sit in rows
  • With rugs, and windows, and couches, and color-coordinated slip covers
  • A place where we can have coffee, refreshments, and lunch
  • A place we can use for events and gatherings throughout the week
  • Plenty o’ parking
  • An extra, sizeable room(s) to hold Ranch Camp (our youth program)
  • No more than 30% of our monthly income
  • In the Mount Vernon area of Alexandria
  • Easy to find
  • In great condition