A couple years ago, Niki & I made extensive arrangements to bring a nanny into our home to watch Button. But 3 weeks before the nanny was to start, we found out she was no longer available. We were stuck — we were without childcare in a city of daycares that routinely have waitlists of more than a year.

We frantically began looking for options. We found some — but they were too expensive (upwards of $20,000/year), or were half-day programs, or were too far away (an extra 40 minutes to an hour onto our daily commutes).

Then Niki suggested I stop by a house where he had seen a small sign in the front yard that read, “Daycare: Openings.” He had seen the sign for a couple weeks, and he told me where the house was — less than 10 houses down our street.

I rang the doorbell one afternoon in complete desperation. Turned out the family ran a home-based daycare that had everything I was looking for in a program, and they had openings — which I later found out is quite rare. I enrolled Button immediately, and both she and Cutie Pie now go there. They love it, and the ladies love (and spoil) them.

Th ladies who run the daycare have turned out to be more than child care for us — they’re family. And now that we have started our fellowship, they have joined us and support us greatly.

Recently we were sharing with them and another daycare family the story of how we found them. That’s when we learned that they never have put a sign outside their house or advertised their daycare in any way. I never saw the sign either — even though I drive by their house every day. Niki was perplexed — “Then how did you know where to go to inquire?” he asked. “You told me where you saw the sign,” I said.