There is nothing particularly appealing about cooking, cleaning, planning, scheduling, and preparing for all things related to our church. These things, in themselves, are not exciting or rewarding. They don’t keep me going. I don’t enjoy church for church’s sake. Who needs just another thing to add to their schedule?

But when church is about loving God and loving people, that’s what is appealing, exciting, and rewarding. In the same way that we go to the greatest lengths to be with the people we love on holidays, I do all I can to serve and be with those I love every day of the week.

I love the people. I love walking with them through life. I love watching them come alive and be filled with joy. I love listening to them, talking to them, and supporting them. I love their friendship. I love celebrating their victories with them, and mourning when they mourn. I love seeing God change their lives, showing them who He made them to be, and blessing them.

Bagel breakfasts, Sunday services, and group dinners have no purpose in themselves. They are not church — at least not in the way the Lord conceives of it. Their purpose lies only in the relationships they foster — both with God and with others. Church without relationship is dead.

I don’t love Sunday services, I love God, and I love the people.