Button’s daycare had an Easter party of the kids last week. After the party, Button took a pink balloon home with her — she just loves balloons. Well, as soon as she got out of the car at our house, she accidentally let the balloon go. Oh, what tragedy! Oh, what misery! She was as distraught as a wee one could be! We ran to the backyard to try to see where the balloon was going. It was high-tailing it, over the tree line and off to who-knows-where. “Mama, where my pink bawoon going?” “I think it’s going off to dance among the stars and play with the moon, Button.” That sufficed. The crying stopped, and Button skipped off to the house.

But all night, she kept asking me about the pink balloon. At bedtime, she asked me to tell her a story about the pink balloon. I told her a story of a girl who had a pink balloon, but the balloon left because it wanted to go play with the stars and moon. I finished the story, but Button asked if the girl ever got the balloon back. I said, in fact, she did! The balloon had such fun among the moon & stars, but it couldn’t help but miss the little girl. So, despite pressure from the stars, the balloon set off to find the little girl. It flew all night just to reach the daycare, where it found the little girl.

The next morning, Button stumbled out of bed and asked first thing, “Mama, will my bawoon be at daycare today?” “I don’t know,” I said. It depended on how fast it flew.

That morning, I called my friend who runs the daycare. I told her the story, and asked if they could do anything. Turns out, they had a couple extra pink balloons outside. They rang the doorbell, told Button someone was there to see her, and she opened the door to find a pink balloon waiting for her. It totally made her day!