I run the children’s church program for our growing fellowship. Every week we incorporate scripture memorization based on the lesson for that week. We’ve learned kid-size verses for the stories of Daniel, Esther, the Creation, Joseph, and David & Goliath. The kids have picked it up well — especially because they receive candy for each verse they memorize.

At a pastors’ training event a couple weeks ago, Button was sitting with us at dinner quietly listening to the pastors’ conversations. Out of nowhere, she throws her head back, pushes her fist into the air, and shouts out her David & Goliath verse: “WHO DARES DEFIES DA AHMIES OF DA LIVING GOD?!” The pastors looked at her, stunned at first, and then busted out laughing.

Yes, Button, we are the army of the living God, and you’re right, Button: Who dares defy us?