Once upon a time (3 years ago), Niki & I could go on dates whenever we wanted. We didn’t even think of them as dates. “Hey, whaddya wanna do tonight? Wanna go see a movie? Go out to eat? Go for a walk?” And we’d talk, laugh, and just be together.

Then Button came along. And, as occurs with the introduction of all little ones, our lives transitioned. It wasn’t that hard after the first couple months — we ate at home more, saved on entertainment expenses, and watched a lot of movies in the comfort of our home where we could pause, eat whatever we wanted, and fast forward through the bad parts.

Without even recognizing it, though, our time together slowly faded away. I kissed dating goodbye, and didn’t even know it. Yes, we still spent lots of time as a family — but it generally revolved around the kids and talking about the pressing matters of the moment; it seldom involved our thoughts, dreams, or ideas, and even less frequently involved the googly-eyes of newlyweds and the laughter we once shared routinely.

We noticed this a couple months ago, and made a commitment to go out on dates every other Friday. But recently we noticed that something would come up here and there, and we were really only hitting a date night about once a month.

Drastic circumstances called for drastic measures. We’ve now committed to going on a date together once a week. We still have our every other Fridays in place, but we now have added a babysitting co-op, through our fellowship, so all the parents can enjoy a free date night. As for us, we’ll spring for a babysitter on that 4th weekend a month.

Our marriage is a priority for us. It’s also one of our priorities for the people in our fellowship. $60 for a night of fun & intimacy a couple times a month is nothing compared to the price people pay in broken hearts, misery, and (often) divorce. Besides, it’s fun!