I was cuddling with Button right before bedtime and she started saying things that really bothered me.

“Everybody loves Button,” I’d say. “NO, Mommy. NOT ev’wybody loves Button,” she’d respond.

“Well, I love you. And Daddy does too.” “Nuh-uh, Mommy. Daddy and Mommy don’t love Button.”

“Jesus loves you, Button. He loves you very much.” “No, Mommy. Jesus doesn’t love Button.”

When Niki came upstairs to say goodnight to her, I told her what she said. He went in to reaffirm to her how much we love her. Then she said to him, “No, daddy. Not ev’wybody loves Button. [pause] Ev’wybody loves Little Brudder (our baby boy).”

Aha! That’s what’s going on.

We responded by loving on her exuberantly — dogpiled her on her bed, covered her with kisses, and tickled her, all the while telling her we love her, she is our favorite little girl in the whole world, and of all the little girls we love her the most.

And daddy stayed an extra long time just to hold her in his arms.