I haven’t blogged in awhile. I’ve been hiding. It’s taken the better part of this week for me to get myself together.

Last weekend at church I made a mistake. Without getting into too many details, I took on too much stress; didn’t communicate effectively with Niki; overreacted to something; embarrased myself thoroughly; and made dear friends feel like I was angry with them or didn’t want them to be part of our fellowship. How awful.

Then those little beasts of condemnation attacked me. And attacked. And attacked. I was miserable all Sunday night and well into Monday.

But the Bible is clear — there is no condemnation in Jesus. I took those thoughts of condemnation captive and turned them around — “Lord, forgive me. I made a terrible mistake. I am so fallen. But for some reason You choose to work through me to accomplish Your will. I don’t get why, but I know You love me — with all my faults. So, since you’ve picked me, You’re going to have to clean up this mess I made…” I also apologized to the people who I mistreated and clarified some misunderstandings.

The only thing you can do when you make a mistake is apologize — be humble, be genuine, and ask for forgiveness. God is clear: It’s not that you made a mistake, it’s how you handle it. If you admit your mistake and try to reconcile with the person you wronged, then you have pleased God. Fixing the rest of it is His job.